Shuhan Tan(谭书涵)

I am a junior undergraduate student in School of Data and Computer Science, Sun Yat-Sen University. My research interests lie on Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Medical Image Processing. Specifically, I have been working on Domain Adaptation, Person Re-identification and Biomarker Localization. I am currently a research assistant at iSEE-SYSU, advised by Prof. Wei-Shi Zheng.

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Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Bachelor of Engineering • Sep. 2016 - Present
Major GPA: 93.20/100, Overall Ranking: 6/212
Advisor: Prof. Wei-Shi Zheng.


[04/2019] I'm going to join Prof. Kate Saenko's group as a Visiting Researcher at Boston University this summer!

[03/2019] Our paper is submitted to MICCAI 2019.

[03/2019] One paper on Domain Adaptation is accepted to CVPR 2019!


Biomarker Localization by Combining CNN Classifier and Generative Adversarial Network
Rong Zhang, Shuhan Tan, Ruixuan Wang, Siyamalan Manivannan, Wei-Shi Zheng.
Submitted to MICCAI, 2019

We proposed a novel deep neural network architecture to effectively localize potential biomarkers in medical images, when only the image-level labels are available during model training.


Weakly Supervised Open-set Domain Adaptation by Dual-domain Collaboration
Shuhan Tan, Jiening Jiao, Wei-Shi Zheng
CVPR, 2019
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We proposed a practical weakly supervised setting for open-set domain adaptation, where two scarcely-labeled domains collaboratively learn from each other.

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